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Radeon Crimson Driver version is now properly detected
Fixed 1.55V GPU voltage reading on AMD Fiji when in ULPS
Fixed Skylake DirectX 12 feature level to correctly show 12_1
Fixed bluescreen on Intel Cloverview (Atom Z2760)
Fixed CUDA detection for devices on bus number bigger than 9
Fixed AMD Beema naming
Fixed OpenCL driver crash message always blaming ATI
Some HD 2000 and HD 3000 cards are now correctly recognized as ATI
Revision ID is now always displayed as two digits
Fixed shader model still being displayed on older cards
Fixed millisecond precision in log file timestamps
Updated Armenian language texts
Misc Stability fixes
Added support for NVIDIA GTX 980 8GB (notebook), GTX 965M, GTX 750 (GM206), GT 710 (GK208), Quadro K1200, M5000, M2000M, M1000M, K2200M, GRID K160Q, Tesla K80
Added support for AMD R9 380X, R7 350, Mullins
Added support for Intel Skylake Graphics 510, P530, 540


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